Can I Connect My Ps3 To A Computer Monitor

You can convert HDMI to DVI with a simple, $5 cable because they are both digital signalsCheck your monitors specs and if it is HDCP-compliant, and has dvi or hdmi input, you can use your ps3 on it. You would need either an hdmi or hdmi-to-dvi cable.

There’s a way but I don’t think your work as a good enough monitor to do this. It is a connector that you would need to buy and I don’t see a way to get sound unless you used your Head phones. Why not but you have to own a External tv tuner card you can connect to the ps3 with any monitor

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It will be possible if there is a compatible decoder for that pin on your computer monitor or for your tv to connect both. try to watch the video below for reference:. Is there a way that i can connect my ps3 to a hdtv and a computer monitor? 53%.

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Jan 26, 2009  · Hi there, Before I got a 40 inch HDTV I connected my PS3 to my computer monitor via HDMI, but since the monitor didn’t support audio I had to use the scart output for audio.

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Oct 23, 2010  · Hi, I have a brand new hdmi Asus 20 something inch monitor. I mainly use it for playing games movies internet. I do use hdmi cord running from my tower to my tv so taht i can.

The HDMI port on your PS3. or rather, that special connection cable that has the HDMI end on it. that is an Output. Signal moves in one direction, from the PS3, to whatever you connect it to. The HDMI port on a laptop is also an Output. The port on the laptop works just like the HDMI on the PS3.

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Step 2 – Connect the video converter to a power source (such as a wall socket or power strip). Step 3 – Connect the HDMI cable from the device that only produces HDMI output to the HDMI input plug on.

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Feb 29, 2008  · I have a VGA/DVI converter, and the monitor can take up to 720p resolution. I know the PS3 has an HDMI out, and I know that DVI and HDMI are.

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Sep 05, 2005  · Yes, and I mainly use my PS3 on my computer monitor, plus I like using it better than my HDTV, and I use HDMI.

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I want to connect my PS3 to my monitor instead of my TV. When I searched this, I read somewhere that you can only connect the PS3 to a monitor with speakers and HDMI cable.

Mar 30, 2014  · I connected my PS3 to the HDMI port and my computer to the DVI port. I can get sound from either the computer or the PS3, but not both. I would like to.

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Most home theater reeevicrs allow you to select the audio and video source that goes to the TV. For example, you can connect the output of the cable box to receiver input #1, the DVD player to input #2, and the ps3 to input #3.

When you connect the laptop to a supported HDMI device, the laptop can display its contents to the external monitor. While outputting video is not a problem for most laptops, accepting video from other devices, like a Sony PS3, is something not many laptops can do.

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May 29, 2018  · Edit Article How to Connect a Gaming Console to a Computer Monitor. In this Article: Getting the Right Equipment Connecting the Console Getting Audio Community Q&A If you want to play your console games but don’t have a TV, you can use a computer monitor instead.

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So if u need hd display connect pc directly to ps3 through hdmi but if want to transfer big files, play mkv and other unsupported formats or just want to connect pc to big tv wirelessly than yeah ps3 is the way u can connect your pc wirelessly and have hd display via ps3 on hd tv.

connect my ps3 to a pc monitor by jefske14 / October 10, 2008 1:32 PM PDT is there a way to connect my (playstation 3 ) console to a pc monitor